Mission / Vision / Objectives
Institutional Philosophy of the University

Northwestern University believes that every person is created in the image of God and, hence has the capacity for excellence. One can attain excellence by knowledge, either experienced or learned, guided by virtue and the democratic principles of equality, truth, justice and freedom.


NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY is dedicated to developing individuals to become highly competent, socially responsible and grounded on Godly values.


A leading institution of learning in Northern Philippines geared towards attaining excellence and global relevance.

Core Values

Considering the vision -mission of the University, the following core values should find their way in the various programs of Northwestern if the desired Filipino graduate is to be produced:

  • Strong Faith and Trust in God
  • Selfless Service
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Compassion
Institutional Objectives

Concomitant to its role as a university in which higher learning, research and community extension are developed and nurtured, Northwestern University adopts the following objectives where excellence as a way of life is its rallying point.

  1. To provide a strong educational foundation by offering and maintaining comprehensive basic/general education programs and strengthening pillars of knowledge in the academe in order to produce functional graduates who will be able to meet the needs of both local and global markets.
  2. To train. and develop students and employees for responsible leadership, effective citizenship and social responsibility through the inculcation of the ideals of democracy and positive values, manifested by a great concern for their fellowmen.
  3. To provide a strong and comprehensive human resource development program for professional advancement and to remain competitive in changing times.
  4. To align and harmonize the research and extension programs with the local, regional, national and global thrusts.
  5. To explore and expand linkages with local and international agencies.