Laboratory Elementary School

It was before the outbreak of the World War II when Northwestern Academy expanded its programs and decided to open complete elementary. Since there were no available rooms, the elementary pupils were temporarily housed at the "Little Theatre" located along Lagasca Street. Mrs. Filomena Nicolas was the first principal of the department.

As the years rolled by, programs and courses were opened. Population at Northwestern Academy boomed until the campus could no longer accommodate students. The excellent performance of students and the number of programs offered, Northwestern was granted a university status. So, there was a necessity to transfer the site which is now located at Airport Avenue, Barangay Bengcag, Laoag City.

Most of the pupils enrolled at the elementary department come from neighboring barangays like Nalbo, Buttong, Raraburan Cavit, Gabu, Balacad, etc. With the near-perfect management and initiative of concerned administrators, the continuing service of the elementary department is indeed a notable success.


The Laboratory Elementary School supports mission of the College of Education. Hand in hand, it endeavors to become a leader in elementary instruction in the region. It is committed to develop man's full potential, empower him to attain excellence; uphold his dignity and worth as God's creation and hence mold him to become a creative, patriotic and noble Filipino.


A competitive, excellent-oriented and premiere educational institution in the north capable of responding global needs and demands.


For the fulfillment of its mission, the NWU-LES ascertains to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide for the development and improvement of pupils' wholesome personalities, attitudes, sound values, leadership capabilities, talents, and skills through its co-curricular activities and programs.
  • Implement the Basic Education Curriculum as prescribed by the Department of Education.
  • Assist and provide quality on-campus training and teaching experiences for fourth year BEEd students.

To successfully attain the aforementioned goals, the NWU-LES teachers have the following responsibilities:

Lead and support pupils in different academic competitions inside and outside the school as well as other co-curricular endeavors.

  • Make pupils aware of the outmost importance of education through the inculcation of basic knowledge
  • Discover hidden talents and inculcate moral and spiritual values.
  • Provide quality on-campus teaching experiences for fourth year BEEd students.
  • Enlighten and guide student teachers taking up Student Teaching.

Objectives of Elementary Education

  • To provide the basic knowledge and develop the foundation skills, attitudes, and values essential to the child's personal development and necessary for living and contributing to a developing and changing social milieu.
  • To provide learning experiences which increase the child's awareness of responsiveness to the changes in and just demands of society, and to prepare him for constructive and effective involvement.
  • To promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of, identification with, and love for the nation and the people to which he belongs.
  • To promote work experiences which develop and enhance the child's orientation to the world of work and creativity to prepare him to engage in honest and gainful work.