University Memorializes Founders Vision (News Article from The Review)
2 timecapsule

As the University observed its 80th Foundation Anniversary, it stood tall and proud as the stakeholders declared their commitment to the institution's philosophy and vision. In a ceremony that memorialized the vision of the founders, the University represented by President Liza Nicolas, launched a recommitment of the institution's mission and goals through a time capsule that will serve as a witness to the test of resilience and faith.

The 24-inch, PVC-based time capsule contained documents and other paraphernalia that symbol-lize the academic community's trust in the institution's mission. "The time capsule represents our goals and vision and contains the faith of our founders and the leaders of the University," Nicolas said. Placed underground at the oval, east of the Paramedics building, the time capsule will be opened on the 100th year foundation of the institution.

Nicolas placed a copy of the declaration of commitment, CHAMPS manual, two copies of the Review and the Legacy book. Dr. Lori Marseli de Castro, Senior Vice-President for Academic Affairs along with the deans of the colleges placed academic documents. Atty. Ferdinand Nicolas, Vice-President for Administration, placed a copy of the 10-year development plan and campus development plan. Prof. Divina Quezada representing the Finance department put coins that symbolized wealth of the organization. The Community Extension office placed four important documents: the Vision-mission, the completed researches for the last five years containing 35 researches in all, hand stones, and the last is the RCEIAD Newsletter. The time capsule also contains letters from the University employees.

At the ceremony, Mrs. Erlinda Gloria, former Vice-President for Academic Affairs, led stakeholders, leaders, employees and students in affirming the community's commitment to uphold and carry on the task started by the institution's founders. "We commit ourselves to the task of making this University one of the world's great centers of learning," Gloria said. "We reaffirm and dedicate ourselves to continue the mission-vision of the University with great zeal and passion guided by undaunted faith, godly values, principles and traditions that led the institution to what it has become today," she said.

Declaring the stakeholders" commitment, Gloria said the legacy"s inheritors 'will not allow vested interest, greed and thirst for power to prevail over the interest and welfare of the general good and cause upon which the institution was founded." She said that those tasked to carry out the mission will equip the youth with relevant knowledge and skills. "We are committed to nourish the human heart and soul of those under our care with moral and spiritual values that will mold them to be morally leaders and citizens of the world," Gloria said.

News Article from The Review Issue: February - March Vol. 79 No. 3 by Emerson Bolibol